Boat House Restoration
Lake Monomonac
This boat house on lake Monomonac was restored to store our customers 1956 Philbrick
woody. The roof was in failure and walls needed a face lift. We rebuilt the roof with heavy
timbers and tongue and groove decking. It was designed to have roof top deck added on in
the future. A rubber roof was placed over the decking to protect it from the weather. Cedar
shakes were added to the walls and a overhang to the entrance to keep additional rain from
hitting the boat. A large window which our customer found was restored and framed into the
wall as well as a round pothole in the door to keep with a nautical look. This is the only boat
house on lake Monomonac and is a wonderful piece of its history.
Hope to have some better pictures in the spring
when we can get out on the water